Reduce Your Pain in the Comfort of Your Own Home

A professionally designed, do-it-yourself, take home physical therapy program.

Q: What are the benefits of purchasing this kit from Home Therapy Solution™?


  A: The biggest benefit of buying the kit is the high likely hood of having your pain go away and your activity level increase.  The other benefits of the purchase is saving money.  The information in these kits has the potential to save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars. By having the ability to perform your own therapy at home with a program that has been professionally put together by Physical and Occupational therapists you will not have the need to go to therapy if your pain reduces.  The other benefit is the convenience of being able to perform your therapy at any time with in the restraints of your busy life and not have to go to therapy 2-3 times a week.



Q: How do I know that this kit will work for me?


  A: These are exact exercises and protocols that clinics all around the world use and will give you when you go to therapy at a local clinic which is much more expensive than our kits.  We are confident that the information in these kits will give you the tools necessary to have the best possible opportunity to rehabilitate your own injuries.



Q: How will I know how to use the kit that I purchase from Home Therapy Solution™?


  A: When you purchase a kit from Home Therapy Solution it will come with detailed information in the form of written instructions as well as pictures to assist you in progressing through the stages of healing and improving your function.  These kits will give you everything you will need, from the information to the products, that are necessary for you to complete your recovery process and we are confident that it will assist you in your process in pursuing health.  Also, if you have any further questions we have made it easy for you to contact us with any further questions via email.



Q: How would my therapy be different if I went to physical therapy at a local clinic?


  A: The core of the therapy you receive would be the same.  The main difference would be the ability to have a professional fully assess your situation and also have access to the equipment that most clinics have.  However it is our experience that a majority of our patients improve dramatically with the home program that we give them and that this is the key to their success and pain relief.  With that said we do strongly recommend that if you do not progress with this program alone that you consult your physician and pursue formal therapy.



Q: How long will it take before I begin to feel my pain go away and my ability to do things improve?


  A: In our experience as therapists there are no two individuals that will progress the same.  Aspects such as overall health, activity level, age and even gender play a part in your ability to progress.  You must also consider that if the activities that were causing you pain are still being performed it will take considerably longer to have reduction of symptoms.  As a general rule if you are persistent in the performance of the program that you purchased and have changed your activity and are not doing tasks that increase your symptoms you should notice some progress in the first 1-2 weeks but if you have no progress in the first 1-2 months you should again consult your physician and if your pain increases see your physician earlier.



Q: If I have pain during an activity is it OK to continue and press through the pain?


  A: No you should not push through your pain.  As a general rule “no pain no gain” is not true.  If you are performing an activity that causes you pain you should stop and either discontinue the activity or alter how it is performed to stop the pain increase.  If you are having pain increase you are generally having inflammation increase and this will typically cause your symptoms to linger longer and your recovery to be delayed.



Q: I have questions?


  A: Your health is of utmost importance to us, and although we will probably never meet face to face we want to give you the best personal care possible.  We have made it easy for you to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have as you walk through your healing process.



Q: How many different therapy kits does Home Therapy Solution™ have?


  A: Home Therapy Solution™ is constantly working on developing new products and kits to make physical therapy easier to access and perform at home.  So if we don't have one suited for your needs shoot us an email and we'll get it on the list! We offer a mail out that you can subscribe to with updates as well as a Facebook and Twitter page with new products and kits.




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